Cathesis Live at Sirens

Paul has been working in the studio over the past 6 weeks or so with young heavy rock band Cathesis.  But last Friday night 2oth August Paul went down to Sirens (Terrigal, Central Coast) to help Cathesis with their live sound. The venue was pumping and the boys absolutely rocked the house. The boys sounded great and everyone thought the gig was awesome.

Paul really enjoyed seeing them live because it has given him some more insight into what Cathesis is really all about. Working in the studio is such a controlled environment that sometimes the essence of a band can get lost or skewed in the process. But going to a live gig really opens you up to what you are trying to achieve. In the end you want the fans of Cathesis to buy an album that they really love. So now the efforts in the studio will have a new focus.

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