Crank Up The Volume

When in the recording process many people listen to the ruff mixes and think that something is just not right, or they might say they want their voice to be closer, and very often they say we just need to crank up the volume.

The thing they often don’t understand is that once the work is done in the recording studio and the mix is done, when everything is sitting in the right place, it is actually the mastering that brings the levels up and makes all the final little touches to the music.

And so the music gos off to the mastering studio to enter the mastering process. Mastering takes the music source and processes it using equalization, compression, limiting, and noise reduction techniques. It puts the music under scrutiny and carefully listens to the editing, leveling, fading in and out and things like that so that by the end of the mastering process the audio is sweetened, the sound quality is maximized, the ambience of the music is fully captured and the dynamic truly rocks.

So if you want to crank up the volume on your mix, get it into the mastering studio.

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