Horsebox In The Studio

Horsebox are a three piece working cover band who came into the studio to do a 4 song demo. They play blues, folk, rock, with 2 guitar players who sing 2 different styles of voices and a hand drummer. They’d never been in the studio before. We recorded 4 songs in 5 hours and I was amazed at how quickly the boys got their stuff down and how good they were in the studio without having any experience.


They were great people, and it was a good fun project. I even got to do a camio on the sax for one of the songs with an old tenor I just bought from America, I had to try it.

A couple of days after recording we did a quick 2 hour mix, a quick master to get the levels and they took their demo out to get more gigs. Can’t wait until they come back to record an original album.

Here’s a sample of the songs we put down.


Hard Times

Folsom Prison

Foster Phe People


Speak Your Mind