Lisa’s Childrens Album. Shine Your Light

Lisa intially came into the studio with a whole lot of songs and ideas that were all over the place. In fact she had a whole vision for Shine Your Light that included a band and production but she was stuck with being a singer/song writer.

Not a problem for us, Paul & Lisa worked together with Sound Factory’s in house musos to bring together a delightful 22 song album that all the kids are going to love. This was a long project that required a load of creative production from both Lisa and Paul.

Picture 1
We even had a small kids choir participate in the album too. It was loads of fun and great to finally get Shine Your Light out to the public.

Lisa is now off sharing the joy around all the schools and preschools. You can check out her website here.

Listen to a few song snippets below.

Alexander the Dragon

I Shine

I give a hug to myself

Congrats Lisa. As you can see she is very happy :)
Picture 15


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