MCI Desk Gets A New Home: Thanks Boys For Your Help

Sound Factory has been in the process of moving to a brand new location and a great new studio and is set to re-open at the end of August 2013. Getting the MCI desk to the new studio was a huge effort. Initially we hired a truck but the fork lift on the tray wasn’t big enough, so that ended up a waste of time. Moral of the story here is to measure before you hire a truck. The caviet here is that we were so busy it just slipped our mind…

Anyway after that, it was down to a search for a vehicle that could move it, along with a crew to help, because this thing is HEAVY!

After much searching we found a trailer that was capable of the job, rounded up a few strong young capables and finally got the MCI desk to it’s new home. As you can see in the picture the studio itself is not yet finished but at least the desk now has it’s position and the works can continue on.

desk in trailer

desk comes home

We’ll be revealing some more new pictures of the new studio in the next few weeks when things are finished.

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