Music Mastering | Mastering Engineer

Music Mastering is all about taking your recorded songs and making them sound as good as possible.

Before you take your EP, Album or demo live to the public arena, the mastering process is the final stage in post production where your songs will be put under the maginfying glass.

Each individual song is analyzed, any bad frequencies removed or corrected, volumes equalized across all songs. Music mastering a very important part of creating a musical product and is the last stage of fine tuning, so you get the bestout of all the hard work you have done.

Mastering Engineer

Your mastering engineer is there to listen to your final needs and concerns regarding final production of your music tracks.

Paul Q has been an audio and mastering engineer for over 25 years and has finely tuned ears to get your tracks up to scratch.

Some of the important things a mastering engineer will look for with your final music tracks is:

  • To eliminate any dullness
  • Listen for and fix any rumblings or unwanted noise
  • Listen for strange frequencies or abonormalities
  • Equalise tracks so they fit together
  • Raise volumes to levels that are acceptable in the commercial arena and will make your music fit with the rest
  • Bring out the sweetness in your mixes

Mastering Samples