Song: Childlike Bewilderment.

The end result was amazing. Paul understood completely what the music was trying to achieve and managed to really emphasise the different moods conveyed by the song. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Sound Factory and look forward to my next visit!

Spending time at Sound Factory was a real treat, the studio is luxurious and comfortable, tucked away in a tranquil forest-like location. Shortly after arriving it became apparent that Paul was absolutely dedicated to the task of improving the audio quality of my music I recorded a song at my home studio and required an experienced professional for mixing and mastering purposes. I gave Paul a call and was immediately struck by his wisdom, honesty and enthusiasm.


Single: Photograph .

I recorded my song in Nashville and had Paul record all the vocals, arrange, produce, mix and master the song. All I can say is, Wow fantastic! I LOVE what Paul did to my music. I’m still surprised how good it sounds. I know this is my song but I really think it’s a HIT! FANTASTIC JOB well done and would recommend Sound Factory to anyone! Thanks again Paul.

Terry-Anne Maxwell

Album:”White Bread

I have just finished recording an album at Sound Factory and it was a great experience. The album sounds fantastic and I am stoked with it. I have worked in other studios but at Sound Factory I found Paul became just as passionate about the project as I was and added a lot of his creativity, ideas and arranging skills as part of his production effort.

I wouldn’t have been able to make the album that I wanted to make without his help. The studio has a lot of great energy as well as amps, outboard gear and software and making the album there was a real pleasure. Thanks to Paul and Jedda for helping me put this together!!!

Garon Staines

JakeRattle&Roll:” Live Album”

We had a fantastic experience working with Paul at Sound Factory, we found his energy and enthusiasm amazing and Paul and Jedha made us feel very welcome in the studio.

Paul managed to capture our true live sound on our tracks and Jedha even took photos of us playing live in the studio. We look forward to more recording sessions with Paul at Sound Factory. Ken ( Jake Rattle N Roll )


Acoustic Songs .

I was on a tight timeline to get my original songs recorded before i went back to England and in just a few days we tracked my ukulele and vocals and mixed and mastered 4 songs. I was stoked with the outcome. Highly professional sound and a great experience in the studio. Thanks Paul.


Audio’s #1 best selling book, ‘Turn Yourself On’

Working with Paul has been a Godsend. He got me immediately from the time I walked in – the sound I wanted to create. I love that he listens intently to exactly what I want and produces such a beautiful professional sound – way beyond my expectations.

Thank you Paul for creating such a relaxed atmosphere so I could be my best; thank you for your patience, humour, super duper hearing and very fine attention to detail. You made the highly complicated recordings a breeze for me. I’ve been recommending you to everyone I know – it’s been brilliant working with you and I’d love to again in the future as it was an absolute pleasure. Thank you for such a great experience!

Author: Marina J- MarinaJ.net

Children’s Album: “Shine Your Light

I’m so grateful to Paul Q from Sound Factory for taking on my project ‘Shine Your Light’ and giving it his professional touch! He is fantastic to work with and the results of our labour have produced a most wonderful album that will help young children in so many valuable ways. Paul’s heartfelt dedication, his creative input and critical analysis helped achieve a high quality-sounding album.

It was so special to have Paul’s laughter on the track ‘May I Share With You Your Day?’ It puts a smile on my face every time I think about it and I am sure the kids will just love it and mimic it too!

Thank you Paul for being ‘you’ and bringing so much joy to the album

Lisa Brockwell

“Wedding Song”

I found Paul @ Sound factory an absolute pleasure to work with. His calm demeanour and welcoming energy made it easy for me to feel comfortable so I could record my original song for my wedding. The studio is surrounded by forest and is such a tranquil place to relax to record.

When I received the song after it was mastered I felt extremely satisfied and excited to share with my family, friends and most importantly my husband at our wedding. Thanks again Paul I highly recommend you!! -Brooke Kennedy Budgewoi

Brooke Kennedy